“Maureen creates delicious, healthy and creative meals for my family, allowing us to sit down together and concentrate on enjoying the meal and each other instead of the stress of preparation. My family gets a real “family dinner” every night, and my children eat adventurously and with enthusiasm because of the foods she has introduced and presented so artistically. We love her!”
The Rapuano Family

“I am busy parent with two teenage boys and I work very long hours. I don't have the time to make dinner, so the boys are left living (or eating) out of the freezer. Then Maureen came into our hectic life and became part of our family. Not only does she add some variety to the frozen mac & cheese, she spoils the boys with gourmet food that is better than eating out. We have our fav's including the Chicken Curry, anything Thai, and enchiladas... Maureen gives us a large variety of items to chose from, and can accommodate those times when we decide we are on a diet, times we need extra protein, and the times we just plain want to be bad. She even packages the goodies up so that we can freeze some items and spread the love throughout the two weeks. We are addicted.”

We highly recommend Maureen to “join” your family as well.“
Steve, Drew and Tyler

• Delicious meals made with fresh ingredients prepared in your own home.
• Customized menus to fit your culinary tastes and dietary needs of you and your family.
• Quick preparation time with easy instructions so dinner can be ready in 15 minutes or less for busy families.
• Can enjoy dinner together as a family due to quick prep time.
• Kitchen cooking area is left spotless at the end of the meal preparations.
• A life saver for those who enjoy great food but are too busy to spend hours in the kitchen.
Sound Bites from the Ivey Family

“Maureen provided my family with outstanding meals with a tremendous amount of choice and tailoring to our needs. Her warmth, professionalism and skill have immensely benefited my family when we have needed them the most.”

The Boulware-Johnson Family