Personal Chef Service Fees Include:

• Initial assessment in your home to evaluate your likes and dislikes, allergies, & dietary needs and goals.
• Custom recipe research and meal planning based on that assessment
• Grocery shopping on the day of service to maximize freshness of ingredients.
• Preparation of meals, prepared on prearranged cook date, in the safety of your own home
• Complete packaging, labeling and storing of all menu items in your refrigerator and/or freezer
• Clean up of entire kitchen so you come home to a spotless kitchen!
• Specific warming instructions for all items
• Ongoing feedback of menu items, designed to continually fine tune the service to keep you thrilled with your dinner choices

Packages start at $270 plus groceries and are priced based on number of entrees, servings and side dishes. There is a one-time container fee of $75 for high-quality containers which will be used specifically for this service and are yours to keep.

Share the expense of personal chef services by planning a menu with a neighbor or nearby family member if you have similar tastes. You each pay half the regular price! Private, in-home cooking lessons and small dinner party preparation available. Pricing varies, depending on menu and time involved.

Other Services Available:

• Romantic Dinner for Two
• Cooking Classes
• Small Dinner or Cocktail Parties
• Meals for New Moms
• Gift Certificates